“Baiterek” Holding discussed with the developers the changes made in the legislation on public procurement, digitalization of the construction industry and measures of state support. The participants agreed to establish the association of legal entities for a comprehensive solution of the issues of regional construction companies involved in the implementation of "Nurly zher” housing construction program.

"Interaction of regional developers with state bodies and members of quasi-public sector is poorly developed. The developers are faced with different understandings of legislation norms, including the inspection authorities. There is no single center for proposals and problematic issues discussing. Therefore, the representatives of construction companies put forward a proposal to establish a non-profit organization - an association of legal entities" – said Vice-Minister for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairbek Uskenbayev during the meeting.

It is assumed that the new structure will represent the interests of the participating parties, inform about innovations and put forward proposals to state bodies on state regulation system improvement.

"Baiterek" Holding by means of its subsidiaries is the operator of "Nurly zher" program. As Nurzhan Nurlanov, Managing Director - Member of the Management Board of “NMH “Baiterek” JSC said, the Holding takes great measures to develop the construction industry.

To date, the system of ZSSBK has about 1.1 million contracts with the amount of savings over 540 billion KZT. “My home” the program of Zhilstroysberbank, which provides the population with the housing at fixed prices is effectively implemented. "Baiterek Development" JSC within its own programs finances the construction of housing be means of conditional investment of funds in second-tier banks. "Damu" fund subsidizes the interest rate on loans issued by STB to easy the loans for private developers. In addition, the private developers can apply to the Housing Guarantee Fund to obtain a permit to attract the financial resources of interest-holders.

Financing is effected by means of bonds of local executive bodies redemption since 2017 under "Nurly zher" housing construction program. Akimats are authorized to execute all the actions on projects selecting, developers determining, progress of facilities construction mastering and monitoring.

"This mechanism allows turning funds on a «revolving» principle every 2 years and re-channeling the funds received by housing sale for construction of new facilities not requiring the additional resources allocation," - N. Nurlanov explained.

According to the results of the meeting, the representatives of the Construction Committee, “Baiterek” Holding and developers put forward the proposals for changes introducing in "Nurly zher" housing construction program, as well as legislation on public procurement.