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National Managing
Holding "Baiterek"

JSC «KazakhExport» Export insurance company»


The mission of  «KazakhExport» Export insurance company» Kazakhstan non-oil and gas goods producers and services providers in foreign markets promotion assisting as well as their competitiveness enhancing by means of export effective supporting financial measures providing

Strategic growth priorities:
  • Export support tools improvement;

  • Conditions arrangement for the number of exporters increasing;

  • Operating performance increasing.

  • Main activities
    • Financial and insurance support of Kazakhstan's exports;

      • Insurance exporter of credit;

      • Pre-export financing;

      • Insurance of documentary operations;

      • Export trade financing;

      • Loan Insurance;

      • Insurance of advance payment;

      • Insurance of direct financing of an importer;

      • Insurance of leasing;

      • Insurance of investments;

    • Non-financial support of export activities of Kazakhstani enterprises (advisory services on foreign economic activities of enterprises);

    • Reinsurance.

    Strategic goals until 2023
    • Ensuring optimal level of operational and financial performance;

    • Increase of financial resources management efficiency;

    • Increase of transparency and the level of confidence of the business community;

    • Ensuring optimal level of operational and financial performance.

    Current projects




    Export of sodium chloride

    Russian Federation


    Export of transformers

    Russian Federation


    Export of confectionery

    Russian Federation and Azerbaijan


    Export of oil and fat products

    Georgia and Tajikistan


    Export of paints and varnishes

    Russian Federation and Tajikistan


    Export of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages

    Russian Federation

    Participation in national programs

    The State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019.

    Management structure

    Full name


    Area of responsibility



    Ruslan Iskakov

    Chairman of the Board

    Managing of the activities of the Corporation. Overseeing of Vice-Chairman of the Board, Managing Director, Department of underwriting and Advisor

    8 (727) 250-00-21 Reception: 100


    Yerdan Bekkhozhin

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    Supervision of the work of Risk Manager, Actuary, Legal Department and the Department of underwriting of direct insurance and reinsurance

    8 (727) 250-00-21 Reception: 100


    Rauan Zhaksybayev

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    Supervision of the work of the Department of Accounting and Reporting, Department of Planning and Economic Analysis, coordination with government agencies

    8 (727) 250-00-21 Reception: 100


    Kuat Zholdybekov

    Deputy Chairman of the Board

    Supervision of the work of the Administrative Department of the Corporation and HR-manager

    8 (727) 250-00-21 Reception: 100


    Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Z05T2H3, Astana, Yesil District, Mangilik El av., 55A


    Working hours: 9:00 – 18:00