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National Managing
Holding "Baiterek"

Holding Strategy

The strategy of “National Managing Holding “Baiterek” JSC development (hereinafter referred to as the Holding) for 2014-2023 was approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 18, 2014 No. 674. The strategy of the Holding development was established considering the strategic and program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and defines its mission, vision, strategic directions, goals and objectives for 2014 - 2023.

Key issues to be solved by “NMH “Baiterek” JSC within the framework of its mission on promotion of the economy sustainable development of Kazakhstan are:

1) non-primary sectors of the economy development;
2) entrepreneurship development (private sector of the economy);
3) economy urbanization support;
4) export of non-primary products support;
5) innovations development.

Holding Strategy (download)