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Business Roadmap 2020

State programme for the financing of small and medium-sized businesses in processing industry 

Small and medium-sized businesses support programme is implemented by “Baiterek” Holding and its subsidiary companies as part of the implementation of “Nurly Zhol” State programme of infrastructure development for 2015-2019. Among the major challenges of this activity are: reducing the cost of credit resources for small and medium-sized business entities (hereinafter – SME), covering a large number of SME’s through fund-raising provided by private financial institutions, debt relief of SME’s through refinancing of their existing loans, as well as increasing accessibility and efficiency of providing credit resources for SME’s through institutional and technical capacities of second-tier banks.

Passport of the programme 

On April 14, 2014 at the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a common action plan was adopted with National Bank to support small and medium-sized enterprises. 100 billion tenge were allocated from National Fund of Kazakhstan within the framework of this plan in order to finance small and medium-sized enterprises that implement projects in processing industry.

17 апреля 2014 г. АО «Национальный управляющий холдинг «Байтерек» и его дочерняя структура АО «Фонд развития предпринимательства «Даму» подписали кредитные соглашения с 13 банками второго уровня о размещении 100 млрд. тенге для финансирования субъектов малого и среднего бизнеса в обрабатывающей промышленности. В течение шести месяцев банки второго уровня должны будут освоить эти средства для целевой группы, т.е. для предпринимателей, осуществляющих проекты в обрабатывающей промышленности. Основное направление в рамках этого плана по использованию этих средств заключается в следующем:On April 17, 2014 JSC ”National Managing Holding “Baiterek” and its subsidiary company ”DAMU” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC have signed loan agreements with 13 second-tier banks on allocation of 100 billion tenge for financing small and medium-sized enterprises in processing industry. Within six months second-tier banks shall spend those funds for the target group, i.e. entrepreneurs that implement projects in processing industry.  The main direction within this allocation plan are as follows:
    •    50 billion tenge will be allocated to fund new small and medium business projects.
    •    50 billion tenge will be authorized to refinance borrowers.

Thus this plan will allow to achieve multiple objectives at the same time:

First of all, promotion of investments for new small and medium business projects. Secondly, it will allow to refinance projects on better terms, so that entrepreneurs could successfully execute productive activities.

Within the framework of new projects, the priority will be given to food industry, i.e. food processing projects.

Credit conditions for entrepreneurs that implement projects in processing industry:

Participants – MSE’s implementing projects in processing industry Limit of financing – up to 1 850 million tenge
Currency – tenge
Rate of return – 6% per annum
Maturity – up to 120 months
Use of proceeds – projects in processing industry

Credit conditions for second-tier banks through EDF ”Damu” JSC:

Currency – tenge
Rate of return – 2% per annum
Maturity – 240 months 
Use of proceeds – financing of MSE’s that implement projects in processing industry 
Term of assimilation – 6 months after opening a limit 
Second-tier bank margin – not more than 4% per annum
Fees – no fees, though in case of changing of credit conditions by MSE's initiative, the fees are agreed upon with EDF ”Damu” JSC.

It is worth noting, that control over allocated funds from National Fund will be exercised by our Holding “Baiterek” and “Damu” Fund. State commission on modernization of RK economy will pick second tier banks, as well as distribute and redistribute funds among them. Expenditure control commission controls the specific and effective use of allocated funds and carries out quarterly report for the Head of State on following his orders.

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Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 124 of March 11, 2015

Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1276 of December 5, 2014