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National Managing
Holding "Baiterek"

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility of JSC "NMH "Baiterek" has internal and external development vectors.

The internal vector is aimed at social support of the employees, training and development, creating the most comfortable working conditions through the maintenance of the company culture, as well as the personnel involvement level increasing.

According to the results of 2017 all the Holding's employees took part in the training programs through the training events execution in the corporate format. The integrated indicator of the personnel involvement of the Holding group of companies for 2017 was 78%. The Holding provides its employees with the basic social guarantees and compensations provided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also consistently implements and develops additional social programs and benefits. So, within the framework of the social support program for the employees, the Holding annually provides health insurance for the employees.

The external vector of social responsibility is aimed at sponsorship and charitable activities through various specialized funds and rendering targeted aid to natural persons who seek financial assistance.

Sponsorship and charity activities of the Holding in 2017 were aimed at rendering of assistance to the vulnerable segments of the population, low-income citizens, revival of national values, culture, science and education support.

The Holding actively communicates and supports partnerships with the universities of the country, encouraging students and young professionals to acquire practical skills through educational internship and study placement.